Dare to Dream Big 2022 Awardees

Dare to Dream Big 2022 Awardees

Canopy Soil

Canopy Soil is a start-up whose organic product is specifically for the enhancement of soil, namely compost, mulch, and cocopeat.

Reyes Organic Beauty

Reyes Organic Beauty is an eco-friendly, sustainable skincare company providing quality skin care products such as organic soaps, hair serums, face serums, shaving soap bars, emulsified scrubs, shampoo bars, and much more.

Leverage International

Leverage International is a start-up e-commerce marketplace that provides open online spaces where sellers can place items and buyers can look for a variety of products all in one location. They offer a large variety, price comparison, and an easier shopping experience all from the convenience of your fingertips with faster customer service responses and customizable shipping options.

Destination Belize Weddings and Events

Destination Belize Weddings and Events is a start-up that will provide event planning, decorating and rental services to both locals and foreigners. Services for event planning and decorating include weddings, birthday celebrations, baby showers, bachelorette, and bachelor‘s parties, engagement parties, graduations, proms, banquets, anniversary parties and corporate events. Uniquely designed souvenirs for all events will also be offered.


Loaves is a mobile bakery model that provides freshly baked and healthy alternatives to white flour to one of Belize's main staple - Bread, without leaving the convenience of your home. Loaves does not sell products that has been shelved for more than 24 hours thereby ensuring product quality and freshness.


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