Inauguration Of Dining Hall at San Pablo Community School

May 31st, 2023, San Pablo Village, Orange Walk District

On May 31st, 2023, the San Pablo Community School located in the Orange Walk District inaugurated the school’s newly constructed dining hall funded by the Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust. This initiative emanated from the school’s decision to embark in a partnership with the Ministry of Education’s Schools Feeding Program. The unique design of the program allows the school to use freshly harvested produce from the school’s agricultural garden with the goal of providing fifty students with meals that is conducive to better learning. The feeding program offers students opportunities for education beyond the classroom as it builds on social and agricultural learning goals and on health and wellness endeavours.

In his remarks, Mr. Jose Morales, the Principal, explained how the optimized collaborative efforts between teachers and students build a positive social environment. According to Principal Morales, several processes and activities were introduced to the dining hall/feeding program, including enhanced opportunities for students in agriculture and sustainability, the ability for students to participate more fully on matters that affect dining hall operations (e.g., local food, sustainability), promoting health and well-being for students, and opportunities to reach beyond school having a positive impact on the broader community.

The funding of the dining hall totalled just under $7,000.00.

The BELIZE Natural Energy Charitable Trust, contributing to the education and empowerment of Belizeans!!


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