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Ladyville Evangelical SchoolSomewhere in Belize a student sits, proud of his school and newly renovated classroom. Several miles away, a young adult feels at ease, knowing society has not forgotten her quest for higher education. In a small town, children gather to use their imagination, to dare to dream - to create music, make art, play sports and more...

The BELIZE Natural Energy Charitable Trust has been a part of celebrating these singular achievements and are especially proud to serve as a catalyst in the changing future of Belize.

The Trust was established in 2008, through a strategic partnership between the Government of Belize and the Belize Natural Energy Limited, to make a difference in the lives of Belizeans. In accordance with the Trust Deed, we seek to empower people and communities to thrive in a harmonious; socially and environmentally responsible manner so that they can be the conscious architects of their own future. Opportunities for development are provided through funding of educational-related projects/capacity building programs; initiatives that support the social environment; a student loan program with five local Credit Unions countrywide; and, a micro-enterprise credit pilot managed by the Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology (BEST).

We firmly believe that the potential to effect change has NO LIMITS. We each have the capacity to positively contribute to the development of Belize. Through solid investments in people, it is the mission of the Trust to continue supporting:

  • Educational Opportunities
  • Safer/Healthier Environments
  • Secured Future Generations

Join us in our mission so that as Belizeans we can have a better quality of life now, and a brighter future for generations to come.

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Belmopan, Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 - The Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust, a public-private
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Belmopan City, Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - Over One Hundred (100) students of the Aguacate R. C.
The BELIZE Natural Energy Charitable Trust is a public/private partnership between the Government